Oxtail and Wild Mushroom Pudding

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Oxtail and wild mushroom pudding – Serves 4

This recipe requires a little more time and patience than a conventional steak suet pudding, as oxtail has a lot of connective tissue that requires a little more care and attention than a braising steak cut, but will give a much richer and […]

Christmas Classic with a Twist!

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Venison Wellington – serves 4

You will need loin of venison for this recipe, a cut also known as the loin fillet. Ask your butcher for a whole piece of loin or loin fillet, off the bone, well-trimmed and cut from the centre of the loin so that it’s the same size at either end.

Here we have served the wellington […]

And a Partridge in a Pear Tree!

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Roast Hampshire partridge with confit leg parcels and red wine poached pear

This is a great dish for a dinner party; it takes a little bit of preparation in advance but is well worth the effort, and really easy to put together when it comes time to serve.

Ingredients – serves 4

Two […]

Houghton Lodge – An Idyllic Venue

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Last weekend, McCrimmon and Reid catered for a wedding at the gorgeous Houghton Lodge and Gardens near Stockbridge. The ceremony took place in the stunning Music Room where Trompe L’Oeil butterflies, flowers, swallows and clouds are painted on the domed ceiling.

A champagne reception with canapés was held on the terrace prior followed by a […]

The Trout, the Whole Trout and Nothing but the Trout!

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In July, we find ourselves in the midst of the fly fishing season   and whilst my experience is somewhat limited, I can certainly   see the appeal in surrounding myself with the trickling sounds of the River Test: the crystal clear waters, dancing dragonflies and other fauna skimming the […]

Rabbit Mouthful

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Rabbit is an often forgotten yet abundant meat that is on everyone’s doorstep and can be used in all kinds of recipes – this one marries its subtle gamey flavour with garlic, black mustard and sage, with a little surprise kick from smoky chorizo.

The recipe comprises two separate stages, a […]

Lemongrass oil

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Lemongrass and herb oil

An intense and fresh citrus oil that is great to use for an array of dishes, from pan seared fish to barbequed meats, using carefully flavoured oil can enhance and intensify the flavour, and once made can be kept in a sealed container for several months.


1lt extra […]

The huntsman’s breakfast

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Char grilled venison liver with roast squash, smoked bacon and braised lettuce hearts


Often referred to as the Huntsman’s breakfast, venison liver is a delicacy that is rarely seen, but available on request from any good butcher. Deeper in both colour and flavour than the more commonly used calves liver, it […]

Pot roast Partridge with autumn vegetables

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Pot roast partridge with autumn vegetables and juniper



This is a lovely warming dish that requires minimal preparation, though results in an intensely flavoured and hearty meal. The breast of the partridge requires far less cooking time than the tougher leg meat, and the key to this dish is to add […]

Autumn Favourites – pan roast trout with caper butter and pancetta

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Seared river Test trout with watercress, capers and pancetta


This is a great dish to serve at any time of year, but ideal for a light summer lunch or a satisfying late autumn starter. As with most recipes the key to its success is in early preparation, all the components can […]